The landscape of the gardens is so beautiful that it eliminates any stress that lingers in the hustle-bustle of the city.
The landscape of the gardens is a blissful escape that instantly eliminates any stress that may have lingered from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the perfect spot for Garden Parties in Hyderabad. Located bang in the middle of the city, Ashiana has gardens that you can gape at all day. The lush lawns have a unique topography which add to the aesthetics of the grounds. The beautiful trees and vibrant flowers that bejewel the surroundings produce a royal and serene effect.The Banquet halls that extreme power labs overlook the gardens add to the decorative feel of the whole place, making any event hosted here a memorable one.
Once accessorised with the right light and decor, the gardens come to life in the most spectacular way, setting the right mood for any kind of party that is organised.


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